Monday, July 30, 2007


Save Studio 60

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been shown on TV3 over the past couple of months and recently finished its run here. It has just started in the UK on More 4. I miss watching this programme on a Monday night especially considering that there is so little else on TV at the moment. If you would like to try and save this programme you can pop over to the blog of the boy who likes to and click on the link to the petition that has been set up to save Studio 60. Who knows maybe the Americans that cancelled the programme might see the error of their ways? (You can see that I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal)

Hey, look it's me (although you missed off a bit in the link. It should be

Who know's what can happen? NBC might resurrect the show.

If HBO had the rights to this show my guess is it would of went on for seasons.
Thanks for the heads up, I've fixed the link to your blog.

I agree that if it was on HBO it probably wouldn't have been cancelled.
oh my gosh! I came over from Rob's blog, where I had to remember to sign into WP. Then I saw your name, and I wanted to check out your blog, and I couldna think which one of my gazillion logins I wanted to use for you, and then Blogger said I had to merge my old account with Google. It near made my head expolode, but I've got it it sorta sorted now. So anyway!! Nice blog you have, and I like your colours and your name! :) Paynonevermind to my page--tis just a links list I made a long time ago. I dun get over here much anymore.Mostly I use lj and various others and even change me name , you never can tell. :-p
*explode, even
Fiona, 'expoloding' is much more better though.
I hated it when blogger was originally going through its beta/google account phase.
Sure and he doesna mind if it's me that's expoloding!

I am adding you to that previously defunct links list that I have resurrected and dusted off if you dun mind. :) I forgot I had a whole bunch of links on there. They have become nightmares with their pop ups and stuff, so I deleted them.

I'm going to find out what my dosha is, or what that quiz is you have. :)
i signed the petition for you I don't even watch but hey I am a nice person!
Thank you anonymous, all petition signitures are welcome!
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