Friday, July 06, 2007


Shrek the Third

I went to see Shrek the Third a couple of nights ago and although it had gotten some bad reviews I enjoyed it. Donkey and puss in boots made the film for me with the help of some of the more minor fairytale characters, especially the gingerbread man. It was funny when donkey and puss in boots switched bodies as a side effect to one of Merlin’s spells and puss in boots could no longer pull off the cute wide eyed look in donkey’s body! I think the Shrek franchise has had a good run with three films, I’m not sure if ‘Shrek 4’ would be a good idea, although with the arrival of baby Shreks who knows how many more films they could squeeze out.

more importantly how was Justin in it?!
It was a bit weird having Justin Timberlake as the voice of Arthur (Artie). I don't know whether it sounded like him or not.
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