Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Twentysomething Survey

The results of a survey carried out amongst six hundred 22 to 28 year olds by Bank of Ireland were released today. This research has found that Irish twentysomethings are generally self reliant and financially savvy. Over half of those surveyed are regular savers and put away more than €200 a month. In terms of disposable income apparently men in their 20s spend €110 each month on betting which is more than they spend on clothes. They also spend more on socialising than they do on groceries. In contrast to that women spend an average of €26 on betting but spend significantly more on clothes, shoes, toiletries, beauty products and hairdressing. I don’t think that’s a great surprise to anyone. The biggest monthly outlay is the mortgage, for those 20-somethings that own a house/apartment. Although the average age of a first-time housebuyer is 31 years, the survey has shown that 18% of those in the 22-25 age bracket have a mortgage. In addition to this 38% of those in the 26-28 age group have a mortgage.

Wow, thats alot of number. I'm glad I didn't have to try and decipher that survery.
Considering it was a bank that carried out the research they probably loved sorting through all the numbers!
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