Thursday, August 02, 2007


Dictionary Corner # 3

Typo – noun,

(Informal) A small mistake in typed or printed writing

The reason that this is going into dictionary corner is that a guy at work keeps using it in the wrong context and it drives me crazy. I’m hoping that by putting the dictionary meaning out there it will have a cathartic effect and every time I hear it used incorrectly I’ll think back to this post and be momentarily calmed. :-)

What context does work guy use it in?
The guy at work uses it in the context that a different word should be used instead of the one that you are using as opposed to something actually being incorrect about the word you used.
I always considered typos to be mistakes in the actual typing. So I mean to type "typo" but fat hit the wrong key and type "tupo" instead.
Yes, that's my understanding of the meaning of typo too!
Well... with the advent of MS Word and spell checkers (not to mention predictive text), a simple mistake of selecting the wrong spelling suggestion can lead to a totally wrong and misplaced word being used. It seems as if the shoe is on the other dont now, doesn't it!
Down with that typo thing!!!
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