Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Grey's Anatomy

I have to admit that I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, although some weeks it’s a love/hate relationship. Meredith Grey’s character drives me crazy, she seems to be the most self obsessed person. At this stage I couldn’t give a crap about herself and McDreamy (who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow) and I’m now just watching the programme to see what happens to the rest of the characters! On the upside one of Fionn Regan’s songs was played during last night’s double bill on RTE.

Yep I completely agree with that. Meredith Grey is the most selfish individual on screen, and possibly the most irritating. I would definately kick McDreamy out of the sack for eating crisps.
My favourite character has got to be that George dude.. he's consistent, but with a few surprises thrown in!
Yeah, George is a pretty good character and he is resilient despite his attraction to Meredith!
Totally agree with you betty I don't know if its the whiney voice or that fact that you could never believe someone like Meredith would be a surgeon...can you imagine her operating on you!
I know, she doesn't really inspire you with confidence especially when she has a scalpel in her hand. :-)
Late one night, I was watching some tv when I happened across what seemed like a low budget late '90s medical drama. While it certainly seemed well made it was hardly what I'd call amazing. I thought to myself "This must be some forgotten american drama RTE picked up on the cheap to fill in the late night tv gaps". While it seemed mediocre, I admit, it did pass the time.

The show came to an end and to my absolute amazement, the words "Grey's Anatomy" came up on the screen. So this was the mighty Grey's Anatomy? How disappointing I thought, as I turned out the light.
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