Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Long Weekend

Friday: Note to self – no matter how much rosé looks and tastes like pink lemonade it is not pink lemonade it is still bloody wine. Over comsumption of rosé followed by a wine cocktail and then some white wine will lead to a stonking great hangover.

Saturday: Several hours in bed with a savage headache is not a good way to spend half a bank holiday Saturday. In addition to a long shower, only the restorative powers of chicken noodle soup and slowly toasted bread can make me feel human again.

Saturday Night: I’ve wanted to see Jack L live for a while and my luck was in on Saturday night when he played the Lodge in Mallow. I didn’t even mind the crappy drive to Mallow in the horrible rain because he was excellent. He has a truly yummy voice and a great band. A very entertaining evening was had despite having an overfriendly and annoying person sitting in front of us. (The crowd curse is back)

Sunday Night: Watched Star Wars IV – A New Hope, still a good movie and you gotta love the light sabers. I had forgotten a lot of the film because the last time I saw it was about ten years ago when it was re-released in the cinema. It was good to see the bickering between Solo and Skywalker but why did Princess Leia spend most of the film not wearing a bra?

Monday: Took a walk around Courtmacsherry and got to look at an exhibition of local amateur artists, some of the paintings were really good.

I dont know why Leia wears just a bra. But it just works. The Universe just needed her too wear it.

I need to start watching some of my old favourite movies. I was just watching the end of Blade Runner on some website and was thinking "did it really end like that?"
I even read the book and can't remember that scene.
Think I'll have to have a Blade Runner refresher weekend
I need to watch Star Wars V and VI again, but I think Leia goes from wearing no bra in Star Wars IV to wearing just a gold bra in Star Wars VI!

I remember taping Blade Runner years ago but I don't think I've seen all of it.
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