Thursday, August 02, 2007


Playing Pool

About a month or so ago I learned to play pool (well one lesson to be precise) and then played in a fun pool tournament two nights after the lesson. I had never really played pool before as any misspent youth that I did have didn’t involve pool. Playing pool was fun and with that in mind I managed to persuade a few friends to go along for a game last night. Fortunately we all play at pretty much the same level so they were even games. As it was for fun we didn’t strictly play by the rules and each time we started a new game we switched partners. About half way through the second or third game one of the bouncers from the pub we were in came over and asked us for ID. Of the group our ages ranged from 25 to 30 and the only person with ID was the 25 year old! The rest of us looked at the bouncer like he had spoken a foreign language (it was a long time since we had been asked for ID) so much so that he actually asked us if we spoke English. Once we had recovered slightly from the shock we assured the bouncer that we were too old to carry ID. I wouldn’t mind except for the fact that the rest of the pool tables were populated by guys that looked like they weren’t shaving yet. Anyway that interruption aside it was an enjoyable evening which I hope to repeat soon.

I reckon bouncers use this as a flattering chat up line.
I found it strange also that you were asked for ID while in the bar, not at the door.
Yes, it was kind of strange that he asked us in the pub. Maybe he started work late and missed us when we walked through the door.
"Too old to carry ID?" I'll try that the next time I'm checking in for a flight to the USA :)

Bouncers are always asking me for ID, and I dont even look young! Maybe its because I'm so beautiful they can't believe I exist lol I think its more a power thing to them, or perhaps they get bored doing nothing. God help them, sure maybe they were doing their "Bouncer Exam" and needed to show the examiner they could ask for ID before they got a gold star.
We woz robbed... twice! :-)
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