Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Vyvienne Long in Cyprus Avenue

Vyvienne Long played in Cyprus Avenue last week. The last time that I saw her play was back in January this year. She had the same set up of backing musicians as the last time and they put on a good show. Vyvienne didn’t seem that comfortable under the spotlight and at one point asked if it could be shone on a guy in a striped t-shirt in the front row. To be fair, it’s a small stage and the lights seem kind of strong. In the middle of the gig Vyvienne explained that someone had left a message on her myspace page after her last gig in Cork saying that they would love to play support for her next gig. She hadn’t gotten back to them at the time but the day before this gig she had tried to contact them to no avail. She asked that person if they were in the audience and if they would like to join her on stage but no one came forward. I think she felt bad about not being able to contact them because she dedicated one of her songs to that person, whoever they are! At the end of the gig and after much applause Vyvienne came back on the stage for an encore. She played a cover of N.E.R.D.’s ‘She Wants To Move’ but unfortunately this was the only song she played for her encore.

You forgot to mention that she looked terrificly hot!
You also forgot to mention that the blonde cello player also looked terrificly hot! :-)
There's just something about a cello...
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