Monday, August 13, 2007


When I Grow Up...

When I was about seven or eight I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be either a bank manager or a drummer when I grew up. They thought this was very funny and proceeded to make jokes about how I could give them interest free loans when I became a bank manager. Being under the age of ten and not that knowledgeable about financial matters other than the cost of Chop bars I didn’t find the idea of interest free loans quite as hilarious as my parents did. I’m still not sure why I wanted to be a bank manager or what put the idea into my head. It’s much easier to see why a seven or eight year old would find the idea of being a drummer appealing. Being allowed to bang loudly on drums and make a lot of noise while being paid to do so would be a dream come true. If I won a substantial amount of money and had a spare room, I’d sound proof the room and buy a big drum kit. Then I wouldn’t care how much noise I made. Unfortunately I doubt I’d ever make it as a drummer due to my dodgy sense of rhythm and the fact that I haven’t played the drums since I was three! Even though I have a job, which is sadly closer to being a bank manager than a drummer, I still don’t feel grown up. I wonder if you reach a point in your life when you suddenly feel like a grown up or if it’s more that you occasionally feel grown up but more often than not you feel like a kid?

I still wonder when I'm going to feel like a grown up. I keep having to tell myself, "this is it, it's not a dress rehersal", but it rarely works.

The ironic thing is all through my teen life I was told how mature I was but now that my age has caught up with me I feel so innocent still.

If growing up means I no longer get excited about the simplist of things, or that I loose interest in fantasy, then I'll just stay right here thanks :) Perhaps to be grown up is to stop asking "What if?" and instead just do it? Or maybe thats just a load of rethorical crap lol
Sometimes while I'm watching Hollyoaks or buying some chocolate covered cereal I think to myself "is this really what grown ups do?"
I always question whether I am a full grown up. I'd like to think I'm not. I hope that in many years I'll still be watching the newest family wreck havoc in small area of Hollyoaks while tucking in to a bowl Chocoflakes.
The grown up thing is a bit of a puzzle. I do reasonably grown up things like work in a grown up job and eat porridge most mornings but then sometimes I feel like watching Tv all day and eating coco pops or Wheetos. :-)
You wanted to be a bank manager because we used to play bank when you got your petit 990 typewritter!
I think you are right, I'd totally forgotten about that typewriter!
I remember being so jealous of that typewriter...not to mention the Barbie house!
Well at least now we know what to get her for Christmas - a set of drums and a couple of choMp bars.

Yours truly, a paragon of grown-upness if ever there was one... um, er, surely???
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