Wednesday, November 28, 2007


‘Tis the Season

Yes it’s that time of year again, no not Christmas time but Cold and Flu season. The majority of people seem to be walking around with runny noses and every second person is either coughing or sneezing. I’m sporting a very glamorous cold at the moment.

It has manifested itself in the following ways i.e. I make a noise like a fog horn whenever I blow my nose and this occurs about every four to five minutes so that my nose now looks like it would beat Rudolph’s nose hands down any day. Then there is the darth vadar like breathing noises when I attempt to breath through my nose and the fact that my throat feels like it has been carpeted by some lovely sandpaper.

So to anyone out there enduring a cold may I recommend a nice generous hot toddy like the one I’m about to make myself!


Oooh attractive! :) I (touch wood) have had very little in the way of colds and flu's this year so far. In general I might get just one or two a year. I used to have a cold every second week in school, but I think they might have been psychosomatic :) Get well soon!
Thanks, I was dosing myself with vitamin C today. Scarily I have taken the equivalent of vitamin C from 60 oranges today. I now have a slight fear of waking up looking orange tinged (despite the absence of fake tan). :-)
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