Thursday, November 15, 2007


Vyvienne Long and The Flaws

On the Friday night of the Jazz festival Cyprus Avenue had a great line up of Vyvienne Long at 8pm followed by The Flaws at 11pm. We arrived at Cyprus Avenue to hear the last few songs being played by the support act for Vyvienne Long. The support was a guy called Declan de Barra who had a great voice and told some good stories. Vyvienne came on at around half eight-ish with the same line up of a band that had played in Cyprus Avenue before except for a new drummer. There was good atmosphere in the crowd and Vyvienne played a great set including a cover of the Beatles ‘Come Together’. The crowd participation part of the night involved Vyvienne teaching everyone ‘Happy Thoughts will Save Me’ and adding a new bit for the people that had sung it before. After Vyvienne and the band had left the crowd sort of dispersed but some stayed around in anticipation of the upcoming Flaws gig. This should have started at roughly 11pm but the band didn’t start playing until almost half twelve. At that stage I was wrecked and cold so I only stayed for a few of their songs. It was a shame that they came on so late because the crowd had diminished to little more than a dozen or so people. I enjoyed the songs that they played but the late start and the lack of atmosphere was very disappointing.

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