Sunday, December 09, 2007


2fm 2moro 2our

The RTE 2fm 2moro 2our came to Cork on the 17th of November and the headline act was Dave Geraghty. I was really excited about it because I wanted to see Dave play and had missed his last gig in Cork while I was on holidays.

The first band on stage was ‘Hope is Noise’ and I really couldn’t tell what any of there songs were about because they were just really loud. The next band was ‘Ham Sandwich’ and they were quite good. They played an energetic set and interacted with the crowd. The third band was ‘Concerto for Constantine’ and they might have been good but it was really hard to tell because they were just too bloody loud. It was almost impossible to make out what the singer was singing about but I got the impression they if they lower the volume a bit they might have some half decent songs. Finally Dave Geraghty took to the stage with his band and they were really good. I had bought his album 'Kill Your Darlings' the previous week and really liked it. Unfortunately the crowd had gotten drunker and more spread out as the night went on and many talked loudly during his performance. There was also some gobshite in the audience randomly making a whistling noise by blowing into the top of a beer bottle. It was disappointing to see someone with talent and much more professionalism than the previous bands receiving such a half hearted response from most of the crowd. I think that 2fm messed up when they put the line up of bands together as ‘Hope is Noise’ and ‘Concerto for Constantine’ didn’t sit well with ‘Ham Sandwich’ or Dave Geraghty’. I really hope that Dave comes back to Cyprus Avenue for a solo gig sometime in the future. My abiding memory of the night is of my ears ringing for hours when I got home!

Yep, my ears were ringing after seeing those fools from Concerto for Constantine at the all ages show that day. For some bizarre reason, the lead singer was proud of how loud they were. They might have been good if they had just turned it down a bit.

Dave Geraghty was class though. Would like to see him again. Might even have photos from the gig this side of Christmas!
Woo hoo, photos of Dave Geraghty - bring them on!
Wow, you guys seemed to have been to a very different gig to the one I experienced that day! I thought Concerto for Constantine were the highlight. I hate the name, but it was great to hear a real Irish ROCK band. I could envisage these lads being big in the US. Each to their own I guess.
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