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I generally find compliments hard to take and its not that I don’t like to be complimented (within reason) it’s just that I find it hard to react to them without feeling embarrassed. My reaction to compliments tends to one of the following:
(a) I deny or dispute the compliment completely
(b) I ignore the compliment
(c) After receiving a compliment I tell a story that doesn’t have much relevance to the situation thus making me seem odder than usual
(d) I say thank you and try to change the subject quickly
I think option (d) is probably the best way to go but I normally only respond like that on a very good day. It doesn’t seem to really matter who is playing the compliment. On occasion I even get slightly embarrassed when my parents pay me a compliment. I wonder is it just an Irish thing because I know other Irish people that also seem less than adept at taking a compliment while other nationalities seem to have no problem with them.

I keep telling you, you should take full responsibility for that winning goal in the final. And that's two years ago now isn't it?!
You know, I react the same way to compliments, usually kicking into verbal diahorrea part way through receipt of the kind words and thereby drowning them out. I have tried in the past few weeks to try to take a compliment without sabotaging it either in that way, or by (for example), pointing out all the flaws in the premise for the compliment ("Well, it looks good, but the timber is actually sawn crooked, if you look at it right there, see?"). Maybe I shall try to make it a New Year's Resolution.
Hey, just wanted to say, GREAT topic! :)
Donal - I can't, it rolled in on its own!

Willie - I know how you feel, I have to stop myself doing the same thing. My new attitude is if someone can't see the flaw then I really shouldn't point it out. :-)

BWLT - Thanks.
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