Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Neil Delamare in Cork

I went to see Neil Delamare in the Opera House last Wednesday night. I had seen him on a panel a fair bit so I was interested in seeing him doing some stand up. He was good and touched on lots of different topics, sometimes jumping around from one to the other. He seems to have quite a yen for history which added a good twist to his material. He had a funny bit about the questions that you have to answer when you go to give blood. He said he would ask a different set of questions such as ‘have you ever bought a westlife/boyzone CD’ or ‘are you one of those people that puts the sweet wrapper back in the quality street tin after you have eaten the sweet’. Personally I think its worse when people put the empty papers back in the after eight box… grr! It’s weird that it’s the everyday stuff that people often find the funniest.

I saw him in de Barra's last night. Sounds like his material is totally new.
Best €15 spent in ages!
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