Sunday, December 16, 2007


Strictly Come Dancing

Boo hoo, Gethin has been knocked out of Strictly Come Dancing. How am I going to survive the weekends without watching the Gorgeous Gethin taking the floor by storm? I watched all of Strictly Come Dancing last night, which was great because normally I miss the Saturday show end up just seeing the summary and results on Sunday night. The results show was a bit nerve wrecking tonight. I watched it with A&D, A is also a Gethin fan while D is a Flavia fan. Alesha was voted to go through to the final straight away, so it was Matt and Gethin in the dance off. I thought Gethin danced really well but I guessed that the judges would lean towards Matt because he made such a good come back after last week. Gethin is gutted that he isn’t in the final which is understandable. It must be hard to work your socks off for weeks and get so close to the final but not make it in the end. He really went from being a non-dancer to a good dancer during this series. Matt and Alesha are going to be in the final next week and it should be an interesting one to watch. I kind of hope that Alesha wins because she has been excellent all the way through and she looks like she really loves dancing.

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