Sunday, December 23, 2007


Winter Sea

I drove to the beach after lunch today and the tide was in fully. I had intended on going for a walk on the beach but with the tide in there was no beach to walk on.
Instead of going to a walk I spent ages taking photographs of the sea and the magnificent waves that pummelled the rocks.
I kept taking photographs until my fingers went a bit numb and then I decided to get back into the car.
It was fantastic to take a break from the Christmas madness and inhale the freshest air that I have had in a long time.
If you ever need a bit of perspective or want to get your priorities in check then spend some time watching the sea at work. :-)

That sea looks really familiar. I like your writing style. Keep it up..or should I shrowd it in criticism so you don't blush?????
Thank you (valiantly trying to keep the blushing to a minimum). :-)
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