Thursday, January 31, 2008


Disappearing Food Products

I like shopping for food, I have been known to lose track of time wandering around a supermarket. But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently while in supermarkets, ‘the trend of the disappearing food products’. I go to a large supermarket to buy a product that I regularly buy there and then suddenly one day they no longer sell the damn product. The Boy Who Likes To (TBWLT) has touched on this subject too with his ‘My Top 5 Discontinued Products’ post. One of my favourite snacks is Doritos ‘hint of lime’ flavour chips dipped in lashings of hummus. It’s been ages since I’ve had this because I haven’t been able to find ‘hint of lime’ flavour Doritos in any of my local supermarkets. I also can’t seem to get my hands on Amaretti biscuits which I had been able to buy in a large Tesco supermarket near me until one Saturday morning when I was frantically looking for them to complete a dessert that I had made for that night. I also checked two other supermarkets on the same day with no success. My sister suffered a similar fate until recently when she discovered that ‘L.A. Bagels’ stocks amaretti biscuits! I also had great fun when I tried to buy sachets of gelatin; Tesco seemed to be discontinuing them left, right and centre. I did find it very recently in Dunnes Stores possibly because the last time I went looking for it, it took three very obliging floor staff to tell me they didn’t have it. It’s not like I asked three separate people, I asked one girl and she couldn’t find it so she asked another girl in a nearby section who also couldn’t find so she asked the guy in the section two aisles away. All three of them came to the same conclusion i.e. that they didn’t have it in stock. I can put up with food companies changing the names of products such as marathon bars becoming snickers but when the product eerily disappears off supermarket shelves without warning or a good send off, it just freaks me out. Where will it end? I understand that companies are responding to the changing needs of customers and are producing lots of new products every year to satisfy this perceived need but for goodness sake when you make a half decent product try to keep it on the bloody shelves! Oh and don’t get me started on the amazing reappearing/disappearing act of Cadbury’s Wispa bar…

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