Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Love Food Hate Waste

Ever heard about the Love Food Hate Waste website? I just found out about it recently and I think it’s an interesting site especially if you find yourself regularly throwing out food that you didn’t get around to eating. I always feel guilty when I end up throwing out perfectly good food. The website contains different sections that cover the following topics:

1. Perfect Portions – ‘Do you cook too much? We can help…’
2. Save Time and Money – ‘Meal making and food facts that really save money’
3. Recipes – ‘Top Chefs take on leftovers’
4. Storage and Tools – ‘Keep it fresh and eat at its best’
5. About Food Waste – ‘Why cutting food waste matters’
6. Add Your Voice – ‘Please add your voice to our campaign’

I really like the recipe section, you can pick which food you have leftover e.g. eggs and they provide you with a couple of recipes that use eggs. The section ‘About Food Waste’ talks about the financial and environmental consequences of food waste. It seems incredible that about a third of all food bought in the UK is thrown away and most of it could have been eaten. I wonder if there is a similar statistic for Ireland.

I dare say Gerry makes full use of number 3! Must check it out, throw away far too much.
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