Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Meteor Music Award Nominees for 2008

The following are some of the categories and nominees for the 2008 Meteor Music Awards.

Best Irish Band
Fight Like Apes
The Flaws
Future Kings of Spain

Best Irish Male
Paddy Casey
Damien Dempsey
Duke Special
Glen Hansard
David Geraghty
Declan O’Rourke

Best Irish Female
Andrea Corr
Cathy Davey
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Roisin Murphy
Sinead O’Connor
Dolores O’Riordan

Best Irish Pop Act
Bell X1
The Blizzards
The Coronas
Brian McFadden
Roisin Murphy

Best Irish Album
Paddy Casey - Addicted to Company
Cathy Davey - Tales of Silversleeve
Delorentos – In Love with Detail
The Flaws – Achieving Vagueness
Future Kings of Spain – Nervousystem
David Geraghty – Kill Your Darlings

Best Irish Live Performance
Bell X1 - Malahide Castle
The Blizzards - Oxegen
Duke Special - Vicar Street
Fight Like Apes – Whelans
Future Kings of Spain - Village
Damien Rice - Marlay Park

I’m glad to see that David Geraghty is up for Best Irish Male and that his album ‘Kill Your Darlings’ is in with a shot for Best Irish Album. It is also good to see Cathy Davey getting a nod for Best Irish Female and that ‘Tales of Silversleeve’ is up for Best Irish Album. I don’t know much about the Meteor Music Awards or how artists and their music are nominated for particular categories. It strikes me as strange that BellX1 have been nominated for Best Irish Pop Act as opposed to Best Irish Band. What makes them a ‘Pop Act’ instead of a ‘Band’? The other puzzling thing is that all the Best Irish Live Performances took place in Dublin except for The Blizzards at Oxegen. I know that Dublin has a large population and many fine music venues but music is performed in other counties around Ireland too. Is it the music industry or the public that put forward nominees for these categories? I couldn’t find any information about that on the Meteor website, it was all just about the voting categories and the non-voting categories!!!

Look just get over it, BellX1 are a pop act, a girly pop act at that. I heard they are even opening for Boyzone on their reunion tour...

I wouldnt worry about that Meteor Awards rubbish anyway, cos mobiles give you cancer...

Happy New Year! :)
Low blow GG, BellX1 are not a girly pop band. They are mighty men of music!!!
I'll never forgive them for stealing the song I once wrote for a girlfriend of mine. Their solicitors say it was coincidence but I know better. They were renting the apartment below me and the bastards must have been listening in. "Rocky Took A Lover", what kind of silly name is that for a song anyway. I had a much better name for my original version: "Untitled No.14 (in F minor)".
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