Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Aaron Dillon

I went to Meade’s Wine bar for the first time on Saturday night to see Aaron Dillon play. I’ve walked past it thousands of times and never been into it. The gig was held upstairs over the main bar in a room with tables and chairs (and one couch). Each table had a wine bottle with a candle lit in it giving the room a cosy atmosphere. Aaron started playing at around 10-ish. I admire anyone that can stand up in front of a room of people and sing in a clear and steady voice. If he was nervous or slightly unnerved by the proximity of the audience his voice didn’t betray this fact, although he did admit to not looking anyone in the eye during the first song. He generally gave a short description or told a story about what his songs were about before he played them. Two of the songs ‘The Host’ and ‘The Ghost’ were sort of on the same topic about a guy whose sweetheart is marrying someone else. He also sang a song which I think is called ‘How it hurts’ and he prefaced he song by saying that the moral of it was not to get involved with married people. I really liked the song and hope it is on the album which Aaron is due to release in March/April this year. I’ve seen Aaron perform a couple of times with Mick Flannery and I love his harmonica bit on ‘In the Gutter’. He also played a support slot for Mick in the Opera House almost a year and a half ago. That was the first time that I heard ‘Brown Envelope’ which is going to be the title track of his album. Towards the end of the gig Aaron was getting tired (he played a long set) and he opted to sit for a few of the songs. A friend that was with us invited Aaron to sit at our table for one of his songs which he did and then he moved on to another couple of tables before standing up for the last one or two songs. All in all it was an interesting and entertaining evening. Aaron Dillon is playing again in Meade’s Wine Bar on the 23rd of February and I’d recommend if you are looking for a good gig that night. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it that night but hopefully there will be a few more AD gigs when his album is launched in the near future.

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