Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Crappy Monday

I had a crappy day yesterday. I went to work very happy after a lovely weekend and even left the house extra early in an effort to be in work before 9.00am. Unfortunately the traffic and rain conspired against me. I arrived at work after nine despite my early exit from home. This wasn’t the best start to the day but I wasn’t too distressed. As the morning wore on things got worse, not in a dramatic way, but small things started to surface that I thought had been dealt with previously. By lunch time I was Ms. Narky Nark McNark and I couldn’t hide it. On the upside lunch was delicious and the coffee afterwards was particularly good. At this point in the day I made the fatal mistake of going straight back to work instead of going for a short stroll to clear my head. The afternoon didn’t really get any better and by the time I got home late, I was thoroughly browned off. I’m rarely that out of sorts on a Monday but thankfully I’ve discovered the solution to a crappy day… a generous glass of Rioja and lots of Milka chocolate

Awww... poor Betty :( Don't worry though, if you ever feel like this on a Monday again I know of a certain happiness elixer you can try, an elixer of the €16.29 variety :)
I really enjoy Milka chocolate, but it's really hard to find over here in England.

I like the sound of your other personality Narky Nark McNark.
I believe that I was inhabited by my evil twin on Monday, but thankfully I'm back to feeling more like myself now.
TBWLT, you wouldn't like that other personality. Thankfully the evil twin doesn't show itself on too regular a basis!
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