Sunday, February 10, 2008


David Geraghty in Cyprus Avenue

David Geraghty played a gig in Cyprus Avenue last Sunday night. He was supported by a guy called Cormac O’Caoimh who played many songs about rain and raindrops. I preferred the more upbeat songs which he played towards the end of his support slot. Dave and his multitalented band arrived on stage reasonably soon as Cormac’s departure. It seems that Dave and most of the members of his band are able to play several musical instruments which made for a varied performance. Dave’s piano was covered in a sort of fluffy animal print cover thing which looked really soft, so soft in fact that I wanted to go up and rub it. Unfortunately that would have looked a tad weird so I managed to control myself and not bound onto stage to rub the fluffy piano cover. Cyprus Avenue was quite full and the audience were reasonably attentive bar a few incessant talkers at the back. Luckily I was standing at the side near the sound box so they didn’t bother me too much. I really enjoyed the gig and loved it when Dave ended the show with a rousing version of Kaleidoscope.

"Sound box" :)
Well, I toyed with the idea of writing 'sound booth' (which is probably more correct) but I generally refer to it as the 'sound box' so I decided to stick with that. :-)
How ya Betty the sheep.
Cormac O Caoimh here.
If you email me your address I will post you out a free cd (which has more of the upbeat songs than the rain ones)
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