Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Walking on a Sunny Sunday

I went for a walk on the old Kenmare road (also know as the coach road) recently. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, one of the best Sundays in a long time.I hadn’t gone for a good walk in ages so I was a little apprehensive, but I donned my hill walking boots in good spirits. I love the area around Kenmare, the scenery is really breathtaking.The walk was fine despite a few uphill struggles, because I’m so unfit, but about half way through my ankles started to get sore. By the time I took the boots off at the end of the walk I had lovely friction burns on the sides of my ankles. This is probably due to the fact that I hadn’t worn those boots in four years!

That scenery does look beautiful. I miss going for walk around Wales and Lake District with my dad. You don't get scenery like that in London :(
I haven't been to the Lake District but the scenery is supposed to be amazing. I guess London must have other compensations. :-)
Go you ! And, wow.. it looks so pretty. Hope your legs have recovered :)

Coastal Aussie
Really like the second and third shots here. Nicely composed shots. Perhaps we should be seeing more of your photography Betty?
Coastal Aussie: thankfully my legs are much better now.

Donal: Thanks but you know me, I'm a bit random when it comes to taking photographs. :-)
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