Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter

Easter – a time of religious ceremonies and chocolate eggs. I didn’t give up chocolate for lent this year. Last year I gave up confectionary i.e. chocolate bars and sweets but I got an awful doing because I was still eating chocolate biscuits so this year I decided not to attempt any embargo on chocolate. At the moment my favourite chocolate is the Lindt pistachio chocolate which is extremely yummy. I hope everyone (that likes chocolate) is enjoying their Easter eggs!

Think I ate too much, maybe I should give up confectionery for a while because that's really hard. :)
Did you give up something else this year, or give yourself a year off? I'm trying to break my chocolate habit at the moment, I lasted two weeks, but couldn't resist that Easter bunny and a few eggs.

Mmm, Lindt is so creamy and good. But, I've never heard of pistachio chocolate - the only pistachios I've tasted were salty and still half in their shelf. :)
Donal: thanks, a whole year later and I'm still getting slagged off. :-)

Coastal Aussie: no, I didn't actually give anything up this year. The Lindt pistachio chocolate is really good. It is made up of squares of chocolate with a pistachio nut covered in almond cream.
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