Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Old Midleton Distillery

On Mother’s Day, my sister and I went for a walk around Midleton with my Mum. It was a lovely relaxing day just walking here and there.We wandered into the Old Midleton Distillery in search of some coffee and cake. There is a great coffee shop in the distillery and I got the nicest slice of chocolate torte and cup of coffee.How cool are the Jameson seats (above) and the Jameson table (below)!We didn’t take the tour of the distillery because I was the designated driver and there is no way I’m going on the tour if I can’t take part in the tasting. The distillery has a fabulous Jameson bar where you can take part in an Irish whiskey tasting session.The whiskey family. :-)

I do hope the distillery is very close to public transport if they offer tastings.
There probably are buses that run to and from Midleton.
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