Monday, April 21, 2008


2FM 2Morro Tour April’08

The 2fm 2morro tour was on in Cork at the weekend. The bands played on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (all ages gig) in Cyprus Avenue. There were four bands in total, Neon Flea Circus, Juno Falls, Boss Volenti and the Coronas. When I got to Cyprus Avenue Neon Flea Circus had started their set. They were pretty good and seemed to be really enjoying themselves on stage. The next band up was Juno Falls. I’ve seen them play a couple of times over the years and they have some good songs. In the middle of their set the lead singer announced that the guitar player was single and generally offered him up to the ladies in the audience. I think the guitar player was slightly morto by the announcement but here’s hoping that the mortification wasn’t in vain and that he did meet someone after the gig. :-) The third band on were Boss Volenti (pictured left), a band I had heard about but never seen live before. The lead singer played bass and was flanked by a guy and a girl on guitars. Before they came on stage the volume level had been about medium but it seemed to go up a few notches when Boss Volenti strutted out on stage. They are due to play at Electric Picnic this year. I left before the Corona’s made it to the stage but there was a group of young fans at the front of the stage eagerly awaiting their arrival and I’m sure they got a great welcome.

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