Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Fool's Gold

If you like Matthew McConaughey’s chest then this is the film for you. The film is basically a treasure hunt story with a few funny moments. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey play an estranged couple that rekindle their romance while searching for lost treasure of historical value. Ewen Bremner gives a good performance as Alfonz, a Ukranian treasure hunter. While Ray Winstone isn’t bad as Moe, another treasure hunter that taught Matthew McConaughey’s character everything he knows about treasure hunting. But hands down the real star of the show is Matthew’s chest. I think he spends about 95% of the film without a shirt on. :-)

Oh shucks, I was hoping you were going to say that the scenery was the real star of the movie, as it was filmed north of here (where I am).
Oooohhhhh Matthew's Chest!!!
Coastal Aussie: wow, you must live near some pretty amazing scenery!
Thanks! It was filmed north of here, but considering how big Ozland is, its almost close by. It all looks the same anyway. And Matthew spent a fair bit of time here in between filming. He was front page news just for exercising on our main beach! With his shirt off, of course. :)
I noticed you deftly avoided mentioning that the film was utter shite... still, Matthew should be proud if his chest can pull the wool (geddit???) over your eyes! :-)
PCB: obviously Matthew's chest doesn't hold the same allure for you. :-)
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