Thursday, May 15, 2008


Tullamore Welcome

I was in Tullamore last weekend visiting friends and was a witness to the welcome that Brian Cowen, our new Taoiseach, received from the people of Tullamore. The town was covered in flags and posters. Check out a couple of the posters below:

Betty, that lower photo is giving me the beejeebers.. what is that man doing/about to do to that scared looking dog?
Don't worry Coastal Aussie, the ISPCA are investigating.
Oi, thats our leader you're talking about. A bit of respect please!
I'm with Gamma Goblin... I mean, for feck's sake, you even spelt Taoiseach incorrectly even though it is emblazoned on the poster in the photo... jeez! :-)
Coastal Aussie: yes, the poster with Brian and the freaked out looking dog is a bit scary!

PCB: my spelling mistake has been duly noted and corrected. What would I do without your quality control checks. :-)
To be honest Betty, I just don't know...
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