Friday, June 06, 2008


Aaron Dillon Album Launch

Aaron Dillon launched his first album entitled ‘Brown Envelope’ in the Triskel Arts Centre on the 23rd of May. I caught the latter half of the support slot but unfortunately I didn’t catch the singer’s name. She was really good so if anyone can fill me in on her name that would be great. I think the Triskel was a great place for this album launch and I was glad to see that the place was packed. Brown Envelope is a very likeable album with ten good songs on it. Aaron and his band of varied musicians gave an excellent performance of a whole host of songs. This was a very different gig to the one in Meade’s Wine Bar back in February but I think that Aaron’s music works well whether he is playing solo/acoustic or with a full band. Mick Flannery joined Aaron on stage and accompanied him on the piano for ‘Fellow Man’ and ‘My Girl’. He also added his vocals to ‘Fellow Man’ which is the second track on the album. While I really like the album I’m a bit gutted that ‘Everybody’s Messing with Their Sexuality’ isn’t on it. This was one of the last songs that Aaron and the band played on the night and they did a rousing version of it. The first time I heard this song was when Aaron played support for Mick Flannery in the Opera House. There is a youtube clip of it on Aaron’s myspace page in case you are curious about the song. I think I’m starting to wear out youtube by repeatedly listening to it! There aren’t that many photos of Aaron Dillon floating around but if you’d like to see some then head over to for some good shots of Aaron and his band during the album launch gig.

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