Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Timoleague Photos

I was in Timoleague a couple of weeks ago on a dry Sunday morning and as I wandered around the village I took some random photos.

Old signposts

The Abbey over rooftops

Church Tower

Coloured Houses

Really pretty photos Betty. And its interesting to see in the lower photo that the houses are painted in mediterranean colours, is that common?
You tend to get brightly coloured houses in small towns and villages (well in Co. Cork anyway). Courtmacsherry is really near Timoleague and there are lots of houses painted bright colours there too.
Everything in the village I live in has to stay White. There is one apartment that is a pale pink, thats about as much colour as there is here.
Whats worse, is because it's always very sunny here I think the white walls are burning my retinas.
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