Thursday, July 24, 2008


Achieving Vagueness

I went on a report writing course recently and part of the advice we were given was about being clear and avoiding overly complicated language. The following were a few examples of not spelling things out clearly…

‘Pre-experienced Vehicle’ – Used Car

‘Localised Capacity Deficiency’ – Traffic Jam

‘Grain Consuming Unit’ – Cow

‘Aerodynamic Personal Decelerator’ – Parachute

‘Localised Capacity Deficiency’ and 'Aerodynamic Personal Decelerator’ – I know we're all reading this, but I can't even say these phrases: they're hurting my dorsal frontal cortex. :)
joyous celebration of the anniversary of the commencement of your term of experience on this earth!
Coastal Aussie: yes, it is all a bit taxing. :-)

Claire: Thank you very much!
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