Sunday, July 06, 2008


Taste of Cork

I went to ‘Taste of Cork’ last Saturday afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Fortunately the weather was dry and sort of sunny, practically the opposite to the horrendous rain we have had this weekend. I was impressed with how well the Taste of Cork event was organised. I went to see two cookery demonstrations, the first was by Rachel Allen and the second was by Clodagh McKenna. I have a couple of Rachel’s cookery books and I like her recipes. I’m not that crazy about her on TV but she came across much better during the demonstration. At one point she was showing us that beaten egg whites should be stiff enough so that you could tip the bowl upside down without losing any of the egg mixture. Unfortunately some of her egg white mixture slide out of the bowl. She coped well with the embarrassment of the situation and everyone had a good laugh. Clodagh McKenna had a different, more scattered style of cookery demonstration. She brought a lot of food producers onto the stage and introduced them to the audience. It was interesting to hear a bit about the makers of the different items of food that she was using as ingredients. There were lots of great stalls there on the day. I particularly enjoyed the stalls that were giving away free samples of chocolate!!! All in all, it was a very enjoyable day and I’d highly recommend it. [I’d also recommend not driving to it so you could experience the cocktail making and sampling. :-)]

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