Monday, August 25, 2008


The Hairy Jumper Addiction

I have a hairy jumper addiction. I’ve been in denial about it for a while but not anymore. I was in a clothes shop recently and almost gave myself whiplash when I saw a pink hairy jumper. I immediately went over to it and started rubbing the sleeve. Then I gave myself a good talking to about how I didn’t need it and how hairy jumpers are a disaster to keep and eventually I walked away without purchasing it. But low and behold the next time I was in the shop I bought the bloody hairy jumper. The thing is I love the feel of the jumper when I’m wearing it but I hate the fact that it sheds and generally destroys other clothes with its fluff. In the past I’ve had a hairy blue jumper that I shrunk in the wash which thankfully made it unwearable. I’ve had a hairy blue cardigan that destroyed all other clothing within a fifty foot radius. I’ve had a hairy winter white jumper that I used to wear to work except fluff kept floating off the jumper and landing on other people during lunchtime. I mean fluff and food is just not a good combination! The same jumper did strange things to my car. If I wore it while driving it looked like a yeti had been sitting in the driver’s seat. I thought I had weaned myself off hairy jumpers after I gave the last one to a charity shop but looking at my recent purchase I think I may need to go to hairy jumper rehab. I should also probably mention that the addition extends to scarves too. :-)

I love hairy jumper too! They are so comfy and most of all cause they fluffy. I too am addicted to haridy jumper:P
I still have fluff on the passenger seat in my car from your purple hairy scarf!!!!!
Is this a sheep thing?
Yipe, it's definitely a sheep thing. :-)
What you need is a hairy jumper room... a room just for you to wear your fluffy jumpers in with sellotape on the walls for the fluff to stick to.

Before long you'll have a hairy hairy jumper room!
K8 the Gr8's suggestion reminds me of Robert De Niro's character in Stardust - he has a whole room for his pretty dresses.
Good idea k8 the gr8, at least then it wouldn't destroy all the other clothes in my wardrobe. :-)
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