Wednesday, August 06, 2008


José González

José González played in the Savoy last Monday night and he was excellent. I wasn’t really familiar with his music except for stuff that was played on the radio. He is an amazing guitar player and initially played a numbers of songs on his own. Then he was joined on stage by Erik Bodin (percussion) and Yukimi Nagamo (backing vocals). He announced to everyone that it was Erik’s birthday and people cheered. They played songs from ‘In Our Nature’, his second album and some songs from ‘Veneer’, his first album. Check out his website for some great videos and music. They played a couple of covers like ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack and ‘Hand on Your Heart’ (originally performed by Kylie) which were really good. He made ‘Hand on Your Heart’ sound totally different to the version that Kylie did, so much so that although I recognised the song I didn’t remember it as something Kylie had done!

I'm seriously jealous.
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