Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Little Red Book

I was in Keanes’ Jewellers recently with my cousin and we noticed a little read book on the counter. The title of the book was ‘The Little Book of Romantic Proposals’. The book starts off with a page called ‘Help is at Hand’ which states that Keanes ‘have searched the world for some of the best and most alluring marriage proposal ideas to help you create a moment never to be forgotten’. They also advice that you ‘take some inspiration’ from their suggestions and ‘prepare for the perfect moment’. The book is split into two main sections, romantic proposal ideas for men and another section for women. Some of the proposal ideas are fairly simple but some are ridiculously convoluted. A lot of the ideas were awful but I think the worst one is in the section where women are encouraged to ask men to marry them. The title of the suggestion is ‘Application for Love’ and involves the woman writing a cover letter and CV applying for the position to be her boyfriend’s wife. In the cover letter you are supposed to say why would like the position and why you are qualified for it. Then in the CV they suggest that you put in a history of events and times you spent together over the past number of years. At the end they suggest that under the skills section you ‘list special things you do to make him happy’! I don’t know whether this book was made especially for Valentine’s Day or whether it is a year round initiative. :-)

I think its a fantabulous idea! And you can give him his P45 when you want a divorce!

I expect your CV on my desk first thing Monday morning lol
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