Thursday, September 25, 2008


Grey's Anatomy Series Finale

Phew, I’ve survived another series of Grey’s Anatomy relatively unscarred. Thankfully this series didn’t drive me as nuts as the last one although it had its moments. So McDreamy and Meredith have gotten together again, what a big surprise. I don’t believe for one moment that the script writers will let them be happy so I’m now worried that McDreamy will be in some awful car accident on his way to tell Rose that they are finished. I can just see it, weeks and weeks of Meredith being completely miserable before they actually kill McDreamy off. The other option is that McDreamy goes to break up with Rose and she tells him that she is pregnant from that one time they had sex. Then we will all have to endure lots of tortured soul searching from McDreamy and misery from Meredith. Bring on series 5!

OMG you ruined it for me! Now I'll never be able to watch the last episode of season 4... or for that matter, episode one of season one either. Yep you ruined it all, thats why I'm never going to watch a single episode :D
I can tell that you're heart broken at the prospect of not seeing any episodes. :-)
I am actually! I'm just putting on a brave face :)
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