Saturday, September 27, 2008


Strictly Come Dancing 2008

Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back on BBC1 with sixteen celebrities dancing it out. Last week the eight guys danced with their professional partners and Phil Daniels was voted out. Most of the guys did a good job of their first dance. I did however cringe when I was watching Gary Rhodes dance with Karen and when Andrew Castle took to the floor with his partner Ola who was wearing the most awful catsuit I’ve ever seen. The fact that Andrew got through the dance at all with his partner wearing that outfit was a minor miracle. Tom Chambers was the first out on the floor and he looked great dancing with Camilla. It will be interesting to see how the ladies get on tonight. I hope they can match or better the standard set by the boys last week.

No offence, but I wonder how so many people have nothing better on their mind than dancing, just as the world is in the biggest and most serious crisis since 1929...
None taken. :-)
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