Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Brian Crosby is Leaving BellX1

I remember the first time that I saw BellX1 perform, it was in the Half Moon Club in Cork a few years ago. Brian Crosby wore a t-shirt that night with ‘Human beatbox’ written on the front of it and because we didn’t know his name he got referred to as human beatbox from then on. There is a nice message on the BellX1 website about Brian leaving and explaining that he is basically going to concentrate on more studio based work. Brian is quoted as saying
"It's been an extraordinary privilege to be in a band with your mates for more than 15 years. I'm really grateful for everything I got to do with Bell X1, for all the adventures we had and for the great support of our fans. It's been particularly wonderful to have connected with so many people and to have got to meet people all over the world doing what I love. I look forward to continue making those connections. At the same time I'll be applauding the boys continued success."
I don’t think BellX1 will be the same without Brian but I still look forward to their next album. Of course, I am a bit gutted that his last performance with the band will be on the 19th of October, exactly two days before I am due to go and see them in the Pav in Cork.

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