Thursday, October 09, 2008


Gary, Strictly No Dancing!

I know this is kind of mean but I’m glad that Gary Rhodes has been knocked out of the Strictly Come Dancing competition. I couldn’t watch him dancing without hiding behind a cushion. His dancing has the power to induce a full on cringe fest. I know he is a good chef but I have never seen anyone look so awkward and uncomfortable on the dance floor. One small part of me would like to have seen him do a ballroom dance just to see if that suited him better but I guess that opportunity is lost to us now.

On the other hand I thought Austin Healy’s jive was absolutely fabulous - he can really move! Plus the whole showing off the guns thing was hilarious. I’m not really a fan of big muscles but I can objectively observe that his are pretty good. :-) Click here to check out Austin in action.

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