Friday, November 21, 2008


‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Madness

It started on Saturday when the judges went mad and gave Rachel and Vincent three tens and a nine. Austin was in favour once again picking up two tens and two nines. I can’t understand why Tom hasn’t gotten a ten yet as he has given some excellent performances. The voting on Sunday was tense and I couldn’t believe it when it came down to Lisa and Cherie who are both good dancers. Before the dance off started I really thought that Lisa didn’t have much of a chance of staying but then Cherie’s dance seemed a bit flat. The judges went on to save Lisa and weirdly, Cherie who has been leading the way a lot during this series was out of the show. As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one week John Sergeant announced that he was leaving the show on Wednesday! Apparently it was due to the fact that the judges were giving out about his participation and he was afraid that he might actually win the competition. I wonder what is going to happen now, I thought that they might bring Cherie back into the competition but it just looks like there is only going to be two couples in the final. To add to the madness there was also some gossip about Lisa Snowdon kissing Brian Fortuna at Mark Fosters leaving party. Marks’ leaving party presumably happened weeks ago so why is this gossip only circulating now? I thought if she was going to hook up with anyone it would be Brendan but who knows how the mind of a celebrity works.

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