Thursday, December 04, 2008


BellX1 in Vicar Street

I went to see BellX1 play two of the three gigs that they did in Vicar Street in the middle of November. I’ve never done that before, i.e. see the same band play two nights in a row. It was really good especially since they are playing loads of new songs. The first night was a sit down gig and the second night was standing. Apparently Brian Crosby was in the audience on the first night and Paul dedicated one of the songs to him. It was weird not seeing him on stage but the new guy seemed to be doing a good job. Having said that there were one or two small technical hiccups, which is just typically Murphy’s Law on the guy’s first night on the job (or one of his first nights). I’m still loving the new BellX1 songs and waiting with bated breath for the album release date to be announced.

It's been announced :)

March 3 -
Thanks Anon!
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