Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Christine is out of Strictly Come Dancing

Saturday night on Strictly was very exciting with the remaining five couples dancing two dances for the first time in one show. There were some great performances from all of the contestants. Tom finally got a ten from Len but this achievement was slightly overshadowed by the fact that Craig gave him a seven for the same dance! Rachel, Lisa and Austin did some great dances. Len seemed less than impressed with some of the Latin dances on the night. Austin almost got a perfect score for his passo doble except that Len didn’t like it at all and gave him an eight. At the end of the night Christine and Rachel were in the dance off and the judges saved Rachel as expected. Christine put up a brave fight but it wasn’t enough. On a different topic altogether, I was surprised to see that Matthew has a large tattoo on one of his upper arms. I didn’t think he was a tattoo kind of person! :-)

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