Monday, April 13, 2009


Aaron Dillon Gigs

I’ve seen Aaron Dillon play twice in the last couple of weeks. The first gig was in An Cruibin, which used to be the Lobby and it all still looks kind of similar upstairs. I really enjoyed this gig. The atmosphere was great and the crowd in general were appreciative. The other things that made the gig really enjoyable were that I had a good seat and two yummy hot toddies! Aaron Dillon and his band played a good range of songs from his Brown Envelope album as well as some new songs. I particularly liked one song which I think is called ‘Seasons’. It’s always great when a band plays a new song and they really give it some welly. :-) The second gig was a free gig upstairs in the Roundy and this wasn’t as enjoyable. The band played well but the noise from the audience was quite loud. It meant that the band had to play harder and some of the quieter songs were a bit forced because they were competing with chatter from the back. The best part of this gig was the rousing rendition of the Transvestite song (Everybody’s Messing with their Sexuality) at the end.

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