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Waveriders is essentially a surfing document with an Irish perspective. It was directed by Joel Conroy and narrated by Cillian Murphy. The film looks back at the roots of modern surfing and finds that an Irish/Hawaiian guy called George Freeth is at the heart of today’s sport. George Freeth was the son of an Irish man and Hawaiian women. He was responsible for the rebirth of surfing (the sport of Hawaiian Kings) in the early twentieth century. He moved to California and taught people how to surf while also spreading knowledge about lifesaving and implementing techniques still used today. The film also explains how surfing pioneers travelled from California to other countries in the sixties and seventies in search of new surfing spots. The Malloy Brothers, three American brothers feature in the film a number of times. They have travelled around the world surfing and earning a living from their experiences. They have been coming to Ireland for over a decade and have surfed in Bundoran and around the Cliffs of Moher. Kelly Slater, multiple world champion, also pops up in the film and comes across as a bit of a misanthropist. Despite the fact that he dislikes the cold and likes to surf alone he still managed to enjoy his surfing experience in Ireland. He looks his most comfortable when he is surfing, like he was made to be on a surfboard and looks as relaxed riding a wave as most people do when they are having a cup of tea. The climax of the film is when a group of surfers go out in the middle of a storm and ride some of the biggest waves that Ireland has ever seen. Some of the footage in the film is amazing and would make you want to jump in a car and explore the west coast of Ireland. I came out of the film wanting to buy a better camera and go on a road trip around Ireland. The film also has a great soundtrack with songs from Jape, Rory Gallagher, U2 and the Cinematic Orchestra. It is great to see an Irish film doing so well and enjoying both nominations and wins for many cinematic awards.

Some of the awards and nominations that the film has received:

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Film at the Dublin International Film Festival 2008
Winner Best Feature Documentary Award, IFTA 2009
Winner Best Feature Documentary Award, BIFF 2009
WINNER Best Documentary Award, CFM 2009
Shortlist Grierson Awards 2008
Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2009
Nominated for two IFTA Awards 2009: Best Sound & Best Feature Doc
Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival 2009

*Gate Multiplex, Cork - Waveriders - 9.30pm

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