Thursday, May 28, 2009


What Sign Do You Attract?

You Attract a Capricorn

When down to earth, responsible, loyal Capricorn meet you, they've met their match.

You are as ethical as Capricorn, and they respect your values.

You are also able to be a loyal and caring partner to your Capricorn, even when times are tough.

You are there to cheer up or motivate your Capricorn - which never goes unappreciated.

What Sign Do You Attract?

You Attract a Cancer

When sensitive, needy, emotional Cancer meet you, they've met your match.
You can nurture a Cancer and take things as slowly as is needed.

You are careful with your Cancer. You try not to ever say or do anything upsetting.
You're willing to walk on eggshells. It's worth it for your Cancer's devotion.

This sounds awful. I don't like this result at all - I don't mind being nuturing, that sounds nice, but this Cancer business sounds like a terrible pain - you're not a Cancer person, I hope, Betty.

Did you like your result?

Quick, quick, we need a new quiz hugs!!
I think you are right and Cancer sounds like a lot of work. I think Capricorn is an ok match for me.
Yes, your match sounds quite lovely. :)
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