Wednesday, July 15, 2009


BellX1 in the Marquee Cork’09

BellX1 played a gig in the Marquee in Cork on the 26th of June. It was great to see them play in Cork again. Villagers played support and got a half decent response from the crowd. BellX1 put on a superb performance and really got the crowd going. They played an energetic set and then came back on for an excellent encore. The set was so energetic that Paul managed to change the colour of his lovely fitted red shirt. When they played ‘I’ll see your heart and raise you mine’ they interspersed some of ‘Man in the Mirror at the end, much to the crowd’s delight. They didn’t mention anything about the fact that Michael Jackson had died the day before but it was a really nice tribute all the same. I think they also dropped two lines of another Michael Jackson song into the middle of their song ‘Next to You’. This was a really happy gig. When the band had left and the lights came back on the Marquee had ‘Billie Jean’ playing and a group of guys near us were doing some excellent dancing. A nice way to end the night. :-)

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