Thursday, July 30, 2009


Public Enemies

I went to see Public Enemies a few weeks ago because the trailer had looked good and Johnny Depp is generally fairly decent in films. It is a reasonably long film but full of action so the time passes quickly. Lots of actors pop up in this film aside from the two main leads, Christian Bale and the aforementioned Johnny Depp. It was ages since I had seen Stephen Dorff in a film but he was good as Homer Van Meter. Billy Crudup plays a convincingly creepy J. Edgar Hoover. Stephen Graham (from Snatch) plays the psychotic Baby Face Nelson and Giovanna Ribisi (who will always be Phoebe’s brother to me) plays Alvin Karpis. Marion Cottilard plays a brilliant Billie Frechette. All in all Michael Mann definitely knows how to do a good action film.

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