Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Electric Picnic ’09

I went to Electric Picnic (EP) this year for the first time and it was the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas. I took the reasonably comfortable approach and stayed in a podpad which was the cutest thing! The podpads are very colourful and look a bit like oversized kennels.

There was loads to see and do at EP, in fact it was impossible trying to fit it all in. I couldn’t get over the number of different areas that there were and how much non-music stuff there was to do. It was also great being able to enjoy lots of different types of yummy food too. The Body and Soul area had some fantastic stuff set up and was a great place to chill out. I also enjoyed the Mindfield area which had a mix of poetry, science, Irish language, debate and Theatre.

Below is a little list of some of the good and bad things about EP from my perspective:


Slobbing out in wellies and over the knee socks
Dancing to Chic
Posh Wash – the first shower was heaven on earth
Florence and the Machine
The demented woolly hat that I bought in the Friday night (which kept me warm all weekend)
BellX1 on Sunday night
Mochas & carrot cake combo
The beanbags in the Spoken Word tent
The Flaming Lips – madness in a tent
Mao Café duck dinner
Imelda May and her band
Curled up and cosy in a sleeping bag in the pod listening to the rain outside on Sunday morning
Dancing to Amadou & Mariam outside the Crawdaddy tent
The little bookshop in the Mindfield area
Salty Dog Saloon
[Stopping for food in Abbeyleix on the way and on the way down, an experience not to be missed and one that was part of the overall Electric Picnic experience]


Queuing for toilets
Portaloos in general
Having to put on wellies to go to the toilet in the middle of the night
Never venturing out with toilet and baby wipes
The Tulla Ceili Band playing until 4am (a non-toilet related ‘bad’ item!!!)
Gourmet burgers
Not having enough time for everything e.g. the cinema and the silent disco

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