Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What Flavour Iced Coffee Are You?

You Are Vanilla Iced Coffee

You are subtle and modest. You tend to hang back in a crowd and watch what's going on.

You actually have a lot to offer, but you make sure not to boast about it.

You are sweet, loyal, and accepting. You are a true friend to everyone in your life.

You bring out the best in people. You are secure enough to let others shine.

What Flavour Iced Coffee Are You?

Aw, your result is so sweet and lovely. Brilliant and special.

My result certainly made me smile, and it was surprising too. I agree most of all with my needing lots of novelty. I'd like to be even more like my result, if I could be.

Great quiz Betty.

Do you drink much coffee? I'm on a bit of a tea kick at the moment.

Here's my result:

"You Are Raspberry Iced Coffee

You are vivacious, impulsive, and downright unusual. You need lots of novelty in your life.
You love adventure and thrills. You get bored easily, and you often need to change things up.

You are wickedly funny and have an outrageous sense of humor. You'll "go there" when no one else will.
You are very outgoing and expressive. You have a large circle of friends that is always growing."
I drink a fair bit of coffee, probably more than I should! I like your Raspberry Iced Coffee result. :-)
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