Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What Holiday Cookie Are You?

Ok, I like the look of the cookie but the result makes me sound a bit like Mother Theresa which I'm not!

You Are a Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie

You are a social, friendly, caring person.

You are good at helping people. You have a very giving heart.

You are a natural teacher or counselor. You get value from making someone's life better.

You are trustworthy, and a natural problem solver.

What Holiday Cookie Are You?

Your answer is sweet. It makes you sound so lovely.

I think I really upset this quiz, check it out:

"You Are Biscotti

You are a very direct, honest person.
You don't have time for dramatics or emotional pleas.

You feel most comfortable in the intellectual realm, especially with science and technology.
You are good at understanding difficult subjects. Understanding people? Not so much. "

I mean, it's not bad.. but I kinda felt like I was being told off?? :o)
Yeah, the results tend to be a bit one sided! I like the start of your result but the bit about not understanding people is a bit crap. Maybe we should try and come up with some better quizzes ourselves. :-)
Make up some quizzes? Oh, that could be fun! :D
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